MP AGRO has established an Animal Health Support Center with various inspection and production guidance functions, mainly staffed by veterinarians and other technical employees, to provide sales support and publish a quarterly magazine, MP AGRO Journal, to disseminate information in order to enhance customer support functions. In addition, in order to realize the ‘safety and security’ of livestock products as foodstuffs, the entire company is involved in the spread of HACCP and aims to be of service to all our customers.


The Animal Health Support Center has established inspection facilities and conducts pathological, serum antibody, bacterial and genetic tests for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in poultry, pigs, cattle and fish. In addition, regular inspections of feed, barn environment, sanitary pests, meat, milk and eggs are carried out based on the HACCP concept, which is effective for microbiological control of livestock and aquatic products, to provide support for comprehensive hygiene measures.
In addition, the veterinary staff visits farms to provide guidance on the correct use of veterinary medicines and other products, as well as suggestions on hygiene management.

■Initiatives to promote farm HACCP

At MP AGRO, farm HACCP assessors, farm HACCP instructors, and individuals who have completed the farm HACCP e-learning training course are working hard to support customers as part of their sales activities. Lead instructors, certified by the International HACCP Alliance, are following up on their overall activities.
In countries with advanced HACCP systems, livestock farms and livestock processing facilities are integrated into a system that guarantees safety and security, the so-called ‘one package HACCP’. We are also working to fully utilze all of our current capabilities, aiming to act as a fine partner for our customers while helping them in their livestock farming operations.
HACCP at livestock processing facilities is based on the institutionalized Criterion A and Criterion B and a private certification system based on HACCP, which ensures ‘safe handling’, ‘quality maintenance’ and ‘stable processing volume’ to guarantee the safety of ‘safe raw materials’ and ‘livestock products as food’, and is made transparent and understood by consumers.